Doc Scrubber

Doc Scrubber 1.2

Delete sensitive data from your .DOC files


  • Mass selective scrubbing option
  • Fast and efficient


  • Not compatible with .DOCX files


Doc Scrubber is a tool for Windows PCs that helps keep your .DOC files clean of personal information.

Word documents often contain embedded data, such as keywords, comments, track revisions, editing time, access and modification dates, not all of which are things you'd want someone else to be able to access or see.

Doc Scrubber is a tool to remove this potentially sensitive data with a few clicks. There are two modes to help you gain more control over what data is shared when you send your .DOC files to other people. Analyze mode merely summarize the data in a file, so you know what it contains. Scrub mode disposes of any data you want removed.

By default, Doc Scrubber does not overwrite the data, but generates a new copy for your records. You can even scrub multiple documents at a time with Doc Scrubber. For example, you can choose all of the documents in one specific folder, which can be a total time saver if you're under a time crunch.

Unfortunately, Doc Scrubber is not compatible with .DOCX format files, but it should work on .DOC files created with the newer versions of Microsoft Word. Just be mindful of the format you save each document in.

Doc Scrubber is an easy to use and convenient way to scrub personal data out of your .DOC files before sharing with others.

Doc Scrubber


Doc Scrubber 1.2

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